Starter Guide To Homemade Baby Food

So, these aren’t so much recipes as just guidelines to help your common sense along. But nonetheless, (always sound very clever when I use this, even when I don’t use it in the right context) here is my starter guide to homemade baby food.

One of the reasons I am going to post such easy recipes is because most mommies think homemade baby food is a MISSION and just opt for the easy way out by buying  baby food in a jar/tube. FULL of sugar and super processed, it’s not what we want for our babies’ growing brains! SO, I am here to show you that it can be extremely easy and you will feel so much better knowing EXACTLY what is going into your baby’s body! And if you aren’t too worried about that, let me just tell you that one little jar/pouch of Purity is over R10 for a single portion. One whole butternut? Like also R10, but LOTS of portions!

So, first things first, there are some things you should invest in in order to make this easier for yourself.

  • Puree storage pods – You can get them virtually  anywhere (Clicks, Baby City, Ackermans etc.) I got a few at Ackermans for R39,00 each. They each contain 8 pods. Also saw the EXACTTTT same ones at Baby City for over R100. So like…
They come with a convenient little holder and each holder with pods stacks on top of one another for easy freezer storage

You can also use ice trays for maybe just the first batch before baba starts eating proper portions and is still just tasting. I know people do it but it doesn’t really make sense to me because each compartment is super small and you’ll need like half an ice tray for one meal. Just doesn’t sound very practical.

  • Next thing is some sort of blender/food processor/electronic smoothie maker thingie or even those electric stick things with the blades on the end. I would imagine a normal blender would be easier though. I bought mine at Makro for like R200, it was on special but still! Also PLEASE don’t invest in one of those “special” baby food processors that are like R2000 OH MY GOODNESS it is so unnecessary and you are basically paying for a little blender (that is so much smaller than a normal blender) and baby recipes, which you can get for free on the internet, literally right here, and just please don’t do it. I know many people will advise you just to mash the food but honestly blending is easy, and you can do a lot in a short space of time. Mashing takes so long and doesn’t result in a very nice texture. I gave C some mashed avocado and he vomited up everything he had eaten in the last 4 hours because of the gross texture, so just saying.
  • Baby bowls and spoons. I have just been feeding C out of the little pods (it says on the box not to be used as feeding bowl but hey, I am living life on the edge and that’s just me) and haven’t yet used the bowls I bought, but baby spoons are a must because they are plastic and soft and rounded and you can scrape the food off their faces nicely without hurting them because that is basically all you will be doing. It’s super cute when their faces are just full of food and you don’t even know if they have swallowed or eaten any of it. Also, try to get some baby bowls that come with lids – I honestly think most of them do – to keep baba’s food safe in the fridge, and you can even then use them to freeze food if you run out of pods.

That’s pretty much it. Everything is inexpensive and easy to find, so don’t make excuses please!

1. Sweet Potato

C’s absolute FAVE and one of the first foods he tasted.

I didn’t have my little storage pods here because I was visiting my gran so I just poured it into some of her super stylish olive bowls.

What You Will Need:

  • 2 Sweet potatoes, peeled
  • Boiled, cooled water
  • Tinfoil
  • That is literally all.

1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees (I don’t know where the degrees symbol is) Celsius

2. Cut up the sweet potato into little blocks, about 3cm x 3cm, don’t forget to get out your ruler and measure every one.

3. Divide the potato blocks into 3 separate portions and wrap them in tinfoil, depending on how big your sweet potatoes are, but 3 should be fine.

4. Place in oven and bake for like, 30-40 minutes. Just check them towards the end. Poke through the foil with a knife and if they are nice and soft, they are done.

5. Blend the sweet potato with a bit of boiled (cooled down) water. Start with about 100ml, then add until it’s the consistency you want. To be honest I haven’t measured the quantity of water once so I can’t even tell you but you will just know because you are a mommy and you have a wicked instinct and are always right.

6. Pour Sweet Potato Puree into your cool, newly purchased pods or ice tray and freeze.

If you’re using an ice tray, remember to get one that comes with a lid or just put the tray into another container so that other freezer smells don’t contaminate baba’s foodies.


So, now that the food is in the freezer, how do you go about defrosting and serving it, you ask?

Well, it’s all very simple. What I do is before I go to bed, is I take out 3 or 4 pods – at the moment its 1 banana pod and 3 butternut pods – and put them in the fridge to defrost slowly overnight so that they are ready to be eaten during the course of the next day.

I wouldn’t advise keeping the defrosted food for more than 24 hours, so definitely use it the next day.

If you need to defrost a pod quickly, boil some water and put in a container and place the closed pod in there too, as you would when you warm up a bottle.

I don’t recommend using a microwave, although I know “normal” people do, but I don’t believe in putting anything that is going to go into my baby’s body in a microwave, like seriously just nuke the baby then.

Anyway, I have just decided to put only this sweet potato “recipe” in here and end the post because it is longgg, damn. Now I need to change the title as well. (You will never know what the original title was) (You probably don’t care though). My next post will just be baby food recipes.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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