And So It Begins

Yay me, I have started a blog. And yay you, you are reading my first post so you are either a good friend or very inquisitive as to what the hell I started a blog about.

Let me just tell you, I have at least 10 great ideas a day that I just NEED TO GET STARTED ON RIGHT AWAY and I make myself so excited, and I start, get into it, and then the excitement fades and I get excited about something else. BUT, people who are still reading, this is not one of those things and I am determined to actually DO THIS THING because I think, if I do say so myself, that I am going to create a pretty. cool. blog.

If you don’t know yet, I am going to show you how to make green, fitness smoothies that don’t taste like shit (can you even say that on a mom blog?), I am going to post delicious, ORGANIC, HEALTHY baby food recipes for other mommy’s who are just as sick as I am about the absolute shit (oops) that goes into commercialized baby food. (YES, PURITY I AM TALKING TO YOU). WHY, oh why, do you want to go and put 15 GRAMS of sugar into a bottle of veggie baby food consisting of 100g? Oh ya that’s why, because we don’t actually care about the baby, we want the baby to like our food so that mommy keeps buying it and so that we keep making money! 😀 ALWAYS THE GOAL.

Anyyyyway, Caleb will not ever know what sugar even is if I can help it. (If anybody gives me a hard time because “baby’s need sugar for energy and their blood sugar” etc I will literally be the rudest person and tell you to go read a book or watch a documentary or something. WE DON’T WANT GLUCOSE, WE WANT FRUCTOSE. (I’m joking, I am a big believer in educating, not belittling so I won’t be rude, but I will still make you go read a book or watch a documentary.) (Also, I say I’m a big believer in educating like I know so much and want to educate the world, but I don’t, haha)

But seriously this post isn’t even about sugar and I got way too carried away, but be warned, I will write a whole post about the evils of sugar, don’t you worry.

Getting back to what I was actually saying, I am also going to be posting DIY baby stimulation toys and activities for baba to get his brain working and senses tingling. ALSO SO IMPORTANT and I will also dedicate a whole post as to why. It is so much fun watching Caleb learn new things and grow right before my eyes!! And the more you expose them to in the early months, the more their brain develops. Their sensory world is EXPLODING in the first 20 months of life and you musttttt take full advantage!

Then I will also be making random personal posts about my life with baba, advice, – because why not listen to a 21-year-old first-time mom – let me tell you it’s nice to get a different perspective on things and I am a great advice-giver, even though I seldom take my own advice. Literally just realized that while posting this.

Okay so I think I’ve pretty much summed everything up now, even got a bit angry, all emotions out on the field, but seriously F*CK SUGAR. (I promise you I won’t be swearing or anything in my posts, I am actually quite a respectable and classy young lady. *All my friends reading this laugh* No guys but seriously I am.

Please like this post and subscribe to my channel if you wanna read about everything I mentioned above or even if you just love me.

Justtt kidding I don’t know how this stuff works but I’m pretty sure not like YouTube so just like and share or follow me or something! ❤

Thanks for reading till the end, you absolute superstar, you!!


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